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Hello everyone!

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The Secret that has changed my life!

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I come to tell you about something that has changed my way of seeing life for the better, including the way to live it. My last 5 years have been full of ups and downs, to be honest … lower than high …
Even this year began in the worst way I could imagine, but fortunately it was a phase that has already passed and that helped me reflect on many things and aspects that I began to change in myself to be happy.

I read many articles about self-love, self-esteem, but the ones that helped me most were the Law of Attraction, and the infinite power of our mind, which I have tried to put into practice.

I have learned the power to make positive affirmations according to our desires, and the aspects / habits we want to change, the great influence of our thoughts on what happens to us …
Every day I have been thankful for the little things that make me happy and of which I am grateful, every day I like to take some time to listen to my favorite songs and to visualize things in my mind that make me happy, be they moments, wishes or memories positive, and I can assure you that this makes a very big difference in our Lives!

I had times when I cried every day, I was constantly anxious, every time I left home I had to pretend everything was fine with me and when I arrived I would shut myself in my cocoon and I did not feel like it at all, I just wanted to give up everything …

Now since I started putting these tips into practice, I have experienced a joy with myself and the people around that I did not feel before!

Lately I feel confident, cheerful and especially proud, for not giving up when I wanted to do it! Today I know that whatever happens I will have the strength to
continue, I know I can always count on myself! And that from the moment we start to like the person we are and take care of
we ourselves physically and psychologically, everything changes for the better!

Therefore, I wish all people who are reading this article, lots of positive energy and love, and believe in the power of your mind and that you
attract what they think is good or bad, so more
it’s good to have positive thoughts and visualize good things happening!


Clara Costa

My “20” Birthay / Birthay Look

Good morning everyone!

Last May 15th I did 20 years!

It seems a lie as time goes by … It was a good day together with those I love and another date to reflect on some things …
Although the last few years have not been very easy for me, I can say that they served me to learn a lot and especially to grow and learn to value things and especially myself and I can say that I am proud of me for everything I have achieved Surpass even today!

I leave here my birthday look here:

IMG_4240     IMG_4241

IMG_4260          IMG_4266


I needed a time for myself…

Good morning everyone!

Some time ago that did not publish a text in the blog …

I needed to take a break, I needed to take time to take care of my inner, my emotions …

In these last two months I have learned very interesting things that have helped to free me from negative emotions and bad memories that were doing me a lot of harm.
I took knowledge of things that had no idea and that have helped me to know better my inner self, to become the best that I can be, in my best version!
I have learned above all that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, if we do not like the way things are presently, it is because something inside us is not well and that is what we should improve.
We attract people or events according to our vibrations, whether good or bad, so if we want good things to happen, we should focus on good things, we should make positive affirmations and when we see some negative feeling or memory that is not Beneficial, we must exchange it for its opposite and repeat it until the bad feeling disappears …

These are just some of the things I have learned and have put into practice and believe, the moment we begin to focus on positive things and improve our inner self, to love ourselves, everything around us changes to best!

I wish you a great day and full of positive things!

Clara Costa